How to Play Online Slots

How to Play Online Slots

Written by on February 27, 2024

Slots have always been popular among the casino regulars, but their real expansion has started with the introduction of online slots. They have various different varieties and themes and can include many cool symbols, bonuses, and cash opportunities. It does not take a lot to learn how slots work here at!

What are the origins of slots?

Slots were created back in 1800s when Sittman and Pitt made the first slot prototype in New York. It cost a nickel to bet and there was a drum with a single spin that was responsible for deciding the outcome.

There were no cash prizes back then, only merch and drinks. The long time has passed when Charles Fay, a resident of San Francisco, decided to make three different reels and put 5 symbols in them. The slots started slowly evolving from then on and were really popular back in the 60s and the 70s with the electromagnetic design and control.

Slots Rules

It is really easy to play online slots here at! You only need to place a bet, click spin and watch the reels stop, possibly bringing you cash prizes. However, this is just the essence. With the introduction of many different features, the players are now needed to actively participate, and some of the slots even have additional side-games. However, the main division of slots is:

  • Classic slots – this type of slots have usually three reels and one payline (in the middle). There is a paytable and you only need to match three symbols to receive a payout
  • Video slots – video slots have the same basic principles, except for the fact that there are usually more than three reels and that there can be many paylines. They are often animated and involve numerous bonus features

Slots Tips and Tricks

  • Do not bet high amounts and make it as repetitive as possible – do not bet high if you want to play slots for a longer time and make sure to activate as many paylines as possible
  • Learn bonuses and special features – the more you know the slots, the higher the chances that you’ll use up all the bonuses and special features that it offers
  • Place max bets on progressive jackpots – if a slot has a progressive jackpot, the only chance to win it is to always bet the maximum possible amount

Slot Buttons

Most of the slots usually have the following buttons:

  • AutoPlay – set the bet and make the slot spin automatically
  • Bet Max – set the maximum possible bet
  • Bet One – set the payline numbers to one
  • Spin – make the reels spin
  • Settings – here you can turn music, change graphic settings, and see the info about the slot

lots Glossary

  • Bonus Game – an additional game that is triggered by you hitting a certain combination.
  • Free Spin – additional spin that you do not have to pay for
  • Multiplier – multipliers are triggered in various ways and can multiply your winnings or your bet amount
  • Wild – a symbol that substitutes other symbols
  • Scatter – a symbol that usually brings additional bonuses such as free spins